Lambent’s values inform our work.

Lambent Outsourcing Services

Whether you're looking for long-term employees or need some extra help on a project basis, we've got you covered.

Our Service Model

We deliver offshore high-value outsourcing solutions from the Philippines. We understand that your business success lies in how well you execute, and our job is to give you managed staffing options at reasonable prices with your business goals in mind.

At Lambent Outsourcing, we know that finding the right talent for your business can be difficult. We solve staffing challenges with solid answers to grow your business with dependable, quality offshore individuals, teams, and direct hires.

We offer three options:

Managed Virtual Assistants for creators, drop shippers, solopreneurs, and micro-businesses.

Remote Teams for entrepreneurs and small businesses that require managed, dedicated teams for customer support, marketing, or back-office services.

Offshore Staffing for businesses that want to hire and manage their team directly.

Managed Virtual Assistants

Lambent's Managed Virtual Assistants work as a pool managed by your personal concierge, who handles weekly calibration calls with you to coordinate tasks and assess the quality of your deliverables.

This approach means you work with an experienced offshoring leader who will ensure your work is delivered correctly so you can focus on your work and not the delegation and management process.

Remote Teams

If you require more than one person to focus on a single process or a set of related functions, like help desk and inbound customer support, Lambent staffs, trains, and manages your offshore team for long-term success and high performance.

Program teams handle a range of services, from data entry to graphic design to content moderation. Remote Teams are an ideal solution for teams of 2-20 personnel.

Staffing Solutions

Lambent's time-tested techniques for staffing deliver quality professionals for businesses that want qualified direct hires at a 70% savings over their counterparts in Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, or the United States.

Our team has an extensive, current database of active professionals who focus on marketing, business development, and customer support. Depending on your requirement, our local network can help you locate and assess local candidates using insights into Filipino culture and the local labor market.