Strategic Planning

With a straightforward approach derived from ten years of working in the Philippines combined with a talented team of BPO and technology professionals we deliver no nonsense insights and help you put these into practice with hands-on support. We focus on the following areas on in-depth analyses of your business process outsourcing requirements to enable you to arrive at the best solutions for launching into the Philippines.

As the offshore model has matured business models and approaches have multiplied, giving you an array of options and decisions to make after deciding to move a process to the Philippines. Our consulting services create value through knowledge and insight attained over a decade of operations in the Philippines. Lambent’s job is to prepare your business to claim the opportunities afforded by offshoring in the Philippines: economy, scalability and quality.

Our clients are better prepared to engage with the business reality and culture of the Philippines. We focus on these key aspects of an engagement because offshore success comes from more than your organization’s operational skill and management effectiveness. Success in the Philippines is built upon quality business relationships, excellent staffing, and the ability to remain focused on your core operations.

At Lambent, we guide your organization through contacts and experience accrued over years of work in the Philippines. We give you cost-effective, no nonsense answers to questions like:

  • What are the cost considerations for developing offshore back-office operations in the Philippines?
  • Where should we set-up operations to access the correct talent pool for our business?
  • What government certifications and incentives does my business qualify for? How do we apply?
  • How quickly can I get operational?
  • What is the best way to staff and educate our team in the Philippines?
  • Which vendors can support my development and build-out? What is the best approach to managing our relationship?