Set-up & Incorporation

Lambent takes care of corporate set-up in the Philippines for our clients — from consulting with you determine the type of entity that makes the most sense for your organization to the dealing with the administrative details of set-up.

Lambent assists clients with incorporation as a prerequisite to opening a bank account, managing payroll (direct employment), or entering into local contracts with vendors. If you plan to move beyond basic outsourcing, you will need to assess the various corporate structures available in the Philippines. This will be key to leveraging the advantages of labor arbitrage and scalability inherent in the Philippines workforce.

Our consultants can guide you though the various options for business set-up as well as the relative merits of each in terms of percentage of ownership, legal protection and tax advantages. We frequently recommend basic incorporation because of the lower fees and relative ease and speed of completion.

We also provide support for Expatriate visas for work and handle processing for extensions and work visa applications. Lambent can also provide assistance with customs for shipping enterprise equipment.

Our Set-up & Incorporation services include:

  • Search and reservation for corporate name
  • Submission of company Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
  • Bank Certification of Paid-in Capital
  • Government document processing
  • SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)
  • BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue)
  • Mayor’s Permit
  • Philippines Foreign Representative Office
  • Foreign Corporation Branch Office