The BPO & Financial Capital of the Philippines

Makati is striking in its modernity and affluence. A short inventory of its 62,000 businesses (as of 2012) includes the Philippines' highest concentration of multinational and local headquarters.

This state of affairs is mainly due to its relatively well-managed local government, which provides a business-friendly environment and the Philippines' best infrastructure. As economist Andrew J. Masigan notes in a Business World editorial,

"Makati tops most domestic indices in terms of business vitality, tax revenues, infrastructure, ease in doing business, disaster preparedness, cultural vitality, social services and the use of technology. It is among the key financial centers of Asia. Although imperfect in many ways, Makati remains to be the nation's most progressive city."

Makati is an Attractive Work Destination

Every day of the workweek, its 630,000 residents nearly double to more than a million people flock to Makati City to work, shop, and transact business. From a BPO locator perspective, this translates to an attractive location for top-tier employees who factor a prestigious location into their job search.

Philippines BPO Hub

With 1,159 BPO companies listed in Makati, it has the highest density of BPO businesses registered in the Philippines.

The area is dubbed the Central Business District. The appellation reference  Metro Manila, but it might also apply to the island nation. Makati is the wealthiest city in the Philippines, with a GDP in multiples beyond most municipalities.

Today, Makati is a far cry from a swampland surrounding Nielson Field, the area's first airport. Today the CBD anchors the country's economy in a dynamic, cosmopolitan enclave.

The BPO Locator Brief - Makati

The Central Business District is the most modern and well-managed area in Manila, with the possible exception of its upstart rival, Taguig/Fort Bonifacio. Real estate is relatively costly compared to other areas of Manila, but there are bargains to be had. Talent is naturally attracted to the site, both for its prestige and convenience. Salaries throughout Metro Manila remain consistently higher than in the provinces. Rates between various municipalities are the same.