How Lambent Consulting Makes Your Move to the Philippines Easier and More Profitable

Lambent BPO Consulting delivers specific advice for set-up and operations in the Philippines. We frame our plans according to your unique business requirements and local savvy.

Philippines Launch for BPO & Service Center

You might be planning to establish an outsourcing operation in the Philippines. Or you might be planning to move some of your internal operations to the Philippines. Each option is a well-travelled path — perhaps your competition is already here.
If you need help to plan and navigate a Philippines set-up, Lambent Consulting is a great choice. We give you impartial advice built on  twenty years of BPO consulting and operations. Our solutions work because they are the byproduct of extensive experience.
From vendor screening and selection to mapped processes for Human Resources to Program Quality Assurance, we've got your transition covered.
Our work emphasizes teams of one hundred seats or less. Lambent Consulting has deployed programs in Manila, Cebu, and Davao. We also have extensive experience with provincial deployment. Moving beyond Manila, Clark, and Cebu can be very cost-effective — particularly for captive operators.

Selected Consulting Services for BPOs and Locators

  • Pro forma budgets for launch & operations
  • Vendor vetting and selection
  • Site surveys & site selection recommendations
  • Compensation surveys & compensation recommendations
  • Human Resources processes, policies, contracts, & handbook
  • Human Resources & Recruiting automation
  • Recruiting processes
  • Employee Onboarding processes and elearning
  • Program deployment processes
  • Quality program processes
  • Targeted marketing for BPO and offshore outsourcing

BPO & Philippines Offshore Consulting that Saves You Time & Money

Lambent Consulting creates value for our clients with hard-won  knowledge and insights. We help you claim the economies of process-oriented work from the Philippines.
We deliver deep-dive engagements that position our clients for success. This happens through specific, prescriptive guidance on set-up and ongoing operations.

Philippines BPO & Service Center Set-up Questions

  • How quickly can I get my Philippines BPO or Back-office started?
  • Should I dry-lease desk capacity or build out my own office or use remote staff?
  • How much will a move to the Philippines cost me?
  • Which Philippines vendors should I choose for my Call Center or BPO development and build-out?
  • What are the cost considerations for developing offshore back-office operations in the Philippines?
  • Where in the Philippines should we establish operations to access the best and least expensive employees?

Compliance Questions for BPO & Offshore Facility Moves to the Philippines

  • What government incentives does my Offshore Back-office or BPO business qualify for?
  • How do I establish a business compliant with Philippines Federal and Local regulations?
  • What processes should I use to staff my Philippines team and remain compliant with labor regulations?

BPO & Back-office management in the Philippines Questions

  • What is the best way to staff and onboard our Filipino team?
  • How can I migrate or deploy a new program to my Philippines team balancing quality and speed?
  • How do I localize training materials for the Philippines?
  • How do I create an incentive program that will excite my Filipino staff to perform with quality?