Consulting for BPO and Philippines Locators — Back Office Services for Select Programs

Lambent is a process outsourcing laboratory. We research how to design, document, build, and manage processes better. If you’re after outsourcing that enhances your work with process analysis and documentation, committed staff and management, and the drive to make those processes sing, we should talk.

We work with our clients to perfect what Michael Gerber described as “Those mundane and tedious little things that, when done exactly right, with the right kind of attention and intention, form in their aggregate a distinctive essence, an evanescent quality that distinguishes every great business you’ve ever done business with from its more mediocre counterparts whose owners are satisfied to simply get through the day.”

Lambent is about smarter outsourcing. We keep the process of moving offshore simple and straightforward. Lambent Consulting helps our clients build and execute offshore programs in two ways:

  • Advice and help for Philippines BPO set-up and operations
  • Managed seats for high-touch programs up to twenty seats

Offshore Outsourcing Experience

Lambent began in 2006. Our idea was a simple one: develop rational, practical solutions for moving work offshore.

BPO Consulting

We draw on twenty years of offshore BPO work to advise BPOs, outsourcers, and captive operations. We deliver clear, practical advice for process delivery in a flat world. Our résumé:

  • Completed Philippines transition & build-out for dozens of clients
  • Multiple build-operate-transfers from feasibility study to employee rebadging
  • Ongoing program supervision for BPOs and Call Centers
  • Ongoing multi-center program roll-out & management

BPO Operations

Our managed operations use our proven framework for streamlined offshore operations. Lambent relies on 20+ years of back-office experience to plan, deploy, and manage programs.

  • Extensive program management ranging from 1-200 seats
  • Built, operated, and sold a 600 seat contact center in 2012
  • Currently, we manage ≤20 seat programs through our affiliate, Lumikha

How We Work

Back-office work requires trust between provider and client. When we work for our clients, we represent them to the world. Our work becomes indistinguishable from their work. That's why we invest in early scoping and calibration to get the details right. This is the foundation for deep, long-term business relationships.
We've learned that the best way to service our clients is to make sure we attract, develop, and keep the best talent we can. Duty to our clients, our team , and our community inform everything we do.

  • We Create Value for Our Clients - Our clients are why we do what we do. When we perform work for our clients, we assume their perspective to drive tangible gains. Deep collaboration  makes our programs extraordinarily successful.
  • We Invest in Our Team's Growth & Happiness - We believe in the virtuous cycle: Great people make great teams. Great teams deliver great service. Great service keeps our clients happy. Happy clients sustain Lambent. Lambent develops its people and provides for our employees and their families.
  • We Care About Our Community & the Environment - Our business lives in Dumaguete and Birmingham. These places are home, and in a greater sense, the world is our home. Taking care of our home is an important part of our philosophy of work and life.

American & Filipino

The company started in the wake of a successful exit of a 6,000 seat operation in 2005. The founders, Harry Fozzard and Jenny Bertol-Tan, blend American management practices with Filipino operational savvy.
We cater primarily to the American business market. However, we have active programs in Australia, Austria, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.  
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Industries Served

  • eCommerce
  • Energy
  • eLearning
  • Finance & FinTech
  • Healthcare & HealthTech
  • HighTech & Information technology
  • Marketing
  • Real estate
  • Telecommunications and Internet
  • Travel & TravelTech