What We Think

Lambent’s mission is to help businesses save money by moving location independent activities to the most appropriate destination (we happen to think the most appropriate destination is the Philippines).

We build tools and provide services for organizations with requirements of 10-200 seats. We’re dedicated to supporting the small and medium-sized enterprises. Our solutions are battle-tested and ready for deployment. We know how to help because we’ve been there and we’ve done that (dialed, processed, built — you name it). Here’s some of what we think is important:

  • We embrace globalization and the interconnectedness of diverse markets through the Internet. We believe offshoring gives small and mid-sized businesses the competitive edge they need to succeed in challenging market conditions.
  • We prize customer-centricity and strive to be aware of the user experience and to shape that experience through thoughtful intervention.
  • Back-office processing is built on the skills and enthusiasm of its team. We aspire to attract the best people we can, arm them with the best processes and leadership and create an environment conducive to their success — personally and professionally.
  • Clear, honest and continuous communication sets the stage for successful outsourcing and lies at the heart of our work. We try to stay connected to each other and our clients 24×7, 365 days a year.
  • Good design makes things more likely to succeed. We define good design as that which achieves its objectives in the leanest and simplest way possible. Further we draw on Agile business approaches to enhance flow through iterative improvement for cumulative results in quality and efficiency improvement.