How We Work

Scope – Common Understanding
We work with you to map your business requirements and your expectations. If you are currently performing a process, we review your existing solution as well as the business objectives you set for the project or program. During this phase of our engagement we establish meeting, calibration and escalation protocols to ensure the engagement progresses properly. Once we chronicle your requirements and expectations Lambent designs a solution.

Design – Blueprint for Success
Design encompasses and defines Lambent’s process to forge a solution approach — everything from finding the right personnel to how we communicate to understanding how we infuse continual improvement into a program. Generally speaking, we use a modular approach to our solution design that allows us to reuse elements of previous work to build on our experience.

Build – Constructing Value
At Lambent, we constantly interrogate each facet of our service delivery solution to ask ourselves, “How can this be better?” and incorporate this in our product. Working from the project design; we use proven agile project management methodologies to ensure fast, low-defect results for your program, migration, or application.

Validate – Review for Quality
Each project we undertake is thoroughly checked for fidelity to the Scope & Design. Throughout the engagement, we review our work to assure a result that meets with your expectations and standards. We treat every engagement as mission critical regardless of scale, so we work to make sure every detail is addressed.

Launch – Hand-off and Operate
We use proven processes and smart, powerful technology to operate and optimize your solution. Through constant review and improvement, Lambent strives to expand and mine value from your offshore back-office operations.