Lambent keeps the process of moving offshore simple and straightforward. Our team remains focused on delivering practical solutions for process delivery in a flat world.

Lambent Consulting works with captive operations and service providers to make their offshore transition more efficient. Based in the Philippines, we have supported the back-office requirements for businesses based the United States, Canada, Australia, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and the UAE.

We’ve helped them start and operate quickly and inexpensively using proven strategies for BPO set-up and delivery.

A Brief History

Established in 2001, Lambent’s experience gathers the disciplines to deliver the back-office processes that smart organizations are increasingly sending offshore. Based on global experience, we firmly believe that the Philippines is a superior choice for BPO and call center operations due to talent depth and quality; industry maturity; and infrastructure penetration and quality.

Our concentration is on customers who have managed seat requirements or plans to deploy seats — outsourced or captive — to the Philippines. A byproduct of our back-office work is a suite of products that make management easier and their operations more profitable.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to make our customers successful through straightforward, robust and user-friendly assistance in the form of software tools, management solutions and operational acumen. Because our approach is highly modular and requires very little infrastructure investment, we can help organizations of any size. We are a multi-disciplinary team working the intersection of offshore outsourcing and online marketing.