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A dedicated concierge. A pool of task experts. Robust process management. Inexpensive, straightforward monthly billing.
Transform your workflow into a streamlined productivity machine. Get more done faster. Focus on what matters.
Be happy.

Supercharge your productivity with offshore virtual assistants.
Harry Fozzard with Remote Area Medical Philippines mission to Itbayat Philippines

Lambent is Gladwell’s 10,000-hour rule applied to remote teams. We’re purpose-built to streamline your work with meticulously designed processes and all the hacks and enhancements we've learned over fifteen years.

Harry Fozzard, Founder Lambent Consulting

What if it was easy?

No delegation tutorials. No crossing cultural divides. Just work done.

First, we assign you a Concierge. Your Concierge is your go-to person who meets with you each week to plan your deliverables. She coordinates with our data management, marketing, writing, social media, lead generation, design, documentation, coding, and data mining specialists. She monitors their performance and reviews deliverables.

Your Concierge is your interface to the launch team as they imbibe your expectations to engineer a lightning-fast, bulletproof workflow. Before your program goes live, we’ll spend hours configuring automation, documenting processes, and testing outcomes. We build a dashboard so you can see what’s happening 24/7.

After launch, we calibrate across weekly sprints to keep improving and improving. Furiously documenting documentarians memorialize that hard-earned knowledge in a self-serve wiki for your reference.

Then we do it all over again.


Choose Your Workflow…

Online marketing and back-office administration? No worries.
Data collection for lead generation and content moderation? We’re here for you.

Online Marketing

Build your audience and stay engaged. Strategy, design, updates, lists, and CRM management.

Customer Experience

Keep your customers happy with best-in-class CX. Support across all channels and self-service platforms

Back-office Admin

Offload any task and optimize it. Assistants and processes support to any administrative function.

Data Collection

Expand or enhance your list with updates and additional data points. Data mining, tele-surveys, data verification, and append.

Documentation & Learning

Leverage Lambent’s process development for your organization: process maps, operating procedures, and online training.

Content Moderation

Safeguard your community. Maintain your online assets: social monitoring and moderation, image preparation, and curation.

Lambent Illuminations

Resources and information for outsourcers and businesses. Leverage our process experience with insights into outsourcing best practices, the Philippines, and tools for work.

Learn about outsourcing in the Philippines.


All about the Philippines. Learn about the local outsourcing landscape, culture insights, business operations, and more. Benefit from two decades of business process outsourcing and call center operations in the world capital of outsourcing.

Tips, insights, and hacks for outsouricng.


Real-life commentary, ideas, and tools for those outsourcing and those about to outsource. An excellent resource for team managers, corporate trainers, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs who want insights into better operations.

Outsourcing theory and practice with real-world examples.


Work we do for our clients, dispatches from the factory floor, challenges and broad overviews of process work we’ve documented. Understand what we do and why we do it to keep clients for lengthy productive engagements.

Every Virtual Assistant and Remote team comes fully equipped with software to get the job done.

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